Traveling Abroad As A Woman

This blog entry was submitted by Victoria Cantu, who is studying abroad in Paris, France. “Since I enrolled at St. Edward’s, I knew I wanted to study abroad.  It was constantly being advertised and I knew so many people who came back every semester from different countries, happier than ever before.  I reached out to the global engagement office my sophomore year, in hopes to study … Continue reading Traveling Abroad As A Woman

Student Protests at Home vs. Abroad

This blog entry was submitted by Caitlin Khal, who studied abroad in Paris, France. “In the three months I’ve been studying in Paris so far, I’ve heard so much about issues of gun violence and school shootings, the NRA, and Trump from back home. My mom asked me if I had ever heard about the topic of guns or gun violence as a concern among high … Continue reading Student Protests at Home vs. Abroad