Take the Leap

Spencer Evans is a current senior at SEU who participated in a faculty-led program to London. During my time in England, although short, I discovered the importance of exploring other places and their history because it’s often unknown to us as we’re only aware of what we were taught about other countries throughout the years. Understanding and appreciating what unfamiliar places have to offer is … Continue reading Take the Leap

Spring 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

Whoa, what a treat! Thank you to everyone who submitted their study abroad photos. The mission of the Global Engagement Office is to bring St. Edward’s to the world, and the world to St. Edward’s. With your submissions, it is clear that y’all really took on your world! Without further ado, here are the top pictures selected from past study abroad experiences! We hope this … Continue reading Spring 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners