Tapas, Tapas, and more Tapas?

Beauty is Spain

If there’s anything you know about Spain, it’s that tapas are a thing. For those of you who have never heard of tapas, they’re basically the equivalent of American appetizers or bar food. You typically get them at bars while you’re drinking so that you’re not drinking on an empty stomach. A lot of the times they’re free and there a lot of places that will make you pay for them. Even though tipping culture isn’t very big in Europe, it’s super important to tip if you get free tapas. It’s free food and it’s polite to tip when people give you free food.

My school has been huge on taking us to tapas bars. After the first orientation we were all invited to a tapas bar to get tapas and drinks. The food was good and the sangria was not what I expected, but I drank it (pictured below…

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